Online Sportsbooks

Online Sportsbooks – your online sports betting partners. Do you know them? Who is the best and what makes the best sportsbook? With the US market opening up there are a lot to learn and understand when it comes to sports books. Depending on what state you live in, the rules are different affecting both what you can play and which is the best company when choosing your online sports book.

If sports betting is your choice of betting, finding the right site to place bets with is critical. The site you settle on should be perfect in regards with its trustworthiness, its reputation, and the features it offers. You are looking for a place you can enjoy betting, without worrying about being scammed. And, Betting Eagle got your back. We have been betting for over 20 years and can tell you what to look for.

But, first, remember that your safety in the online betting scene matters more than everything. You don’t want to lose money or be ripped off because you overlooked safety.

For this reason, there are specific elements of a sportsbook that signal safety or lack thereof. These elements include the details of the operators/ owners, licensing and regulations, reputation/ age, and the security & safety measures employed by the sportsbook.

Licensing and Regulation

This is the central piece when it comes to online sportsbooks. And you should only trust a site that holds a legitimate online betting license. The presence of a valid license indicates that the site is operating within the bounds of the law, applicable in the jurisdiction it’s based. The license is also an indicator of the fact that the sportsbook is subject to set regulations that it must adhere to. A license means that the site is required by law to follow a specific set code of conduct as required by the jurisdiction’s licensing authority.

online sportsbooks usSo, should you start betting at a site just because it has a license? Well, no. There is something else required of you in this evaluation: Check out who is giving out the license. Licensing bodies have a set of requirements that sportsbooks must meet, and in most cases, the requirement is more than paying a certain amount in fees. To be on the safer side of things, you should be betting only on the sites that have the relevant license for the state you live in. Being a US citizen you should also be aware that some sportsbooks are operating across international borders, which will put you in a very bad situation as a player. Therefore, our complete recommendation at Betting Eagle is to only bet on online sports books which are licensed in your state. Otherwise, you are in the risk of playing at an online sportsbook or casino where your rights as a player are diminished. For US players not living in the US, there are sportsbooks and online casinos without a license that you can play on too. Depending on which country you live in, there are different licenses that are used. In the UK, as an example, an online casino need to have a UKGC license. It also need to be part of Gamstop, an organisation that help people having trouble with gambling. There are sites listing casinos not on Gamstop for players that don’t live in the UK and, therefore, are eligible to play at these ones. Same goes for players in the US.

It’s also worth mentioning that the best sites practice responsible gambling. They have resources that ensure their customers are protected. This means that the site should support your requests to deactivate your account temporarily or permanently, and not send any promotional material during that time.

Other important aspects when choosing online sportsbooks

Security and Safety Measures Employed

Which measures is the sportsbook taking to protect you and your sensitive information? Do they use advanced security technologies that keep your details safe? Are the transactions digitally encrypted? And, most importantly, is a site is listed on we have made a thorough review and we only list reliable and trustworthy online gambling operators.

Details of the owners and operators

Whenever you are making an investment decision, you try looking for all the basics of the company you are investing in. This should apply to online sportsbooks too. Now, we have to note that identifying the actual owners of top sportsbooks is a challenge. However, there’s always a corporation behind the betting site. So, find as much information as you can about the sportsbooks’ ownership or operators. If they are shady, look at the next site.

Reputation/ Age

In the same breath, and as you find out the details of the sportsbooks owners, you should consider the site’s reputation. The reputation stands out when a site has been in the industry for some time.

While some new sites offer great betting services, you should consider betting in companies that have proven themselves. The way a site treats its customers is a great way to establish how good and trustworthy the site is because some of the companies that have been around for decades may have a bad reputation for how they treat their customers.

Scandalous sites should also be avoided, especially when they run tempting promotions that are too good to be true.

The services they offer

The other thing you should check out is the betting services they offer. Fully fledged companies have comprehensive betting options, and they cover many more sporting events.

The best online sportsbooks offer several wagers/ betting options for you to choose from. Their services span a wider range of sporting events for the mainstream, as well as the less mainstream sports, and tournaments.

Banking Options

In online betting, a site’s withdrawal and depositing structures and options are vital. Don’t overlook the little things. Some of the best sites offer several safe banking options which ensure that deposits and withdrawals are fast and reliable. You can tell whether a sportsbook’s banking system is reliable or not by checking out online reviews.

Also on banking is the issue of limits and fees. Most sites will charge a small fee when you make a deposit or a withdrawal. However, the fees charged should be the bare minimum, and the limits set unrestrictive.

Odds and Lines

Betting sites offer different odds and money lines. But, how different are they? Sites that offer competitive and consistent odds and money lines are preferred and highly recommended. If a site’s odds and lines differ significantly, that is a red flag.

Bonuses and Rewards

Several sites offer rewards and bonuses. What matters is the number of bonuses and the terms of the fine print.

Ease of use

How easy is it to use the site’s functions? Are there time-consuming steps? How is the signup process? Is depositing funds easy, and you can find and place wagers with ease? How are the support services? Are withdrawal payouts fast? For these details, you have to run a test. A demo is invaluable. So, a site without demos is a red flag.

Online sportsbooks conclusions

While there is no perfect online sportsbook, the good ones offer the best in terms of all the features above. You also need to check out the speeds with which odds are posted, available prop bets, mobile betting services, or the availability of any secondary betting sites. The site you bet on should be trustworthy.