Live betting 2021

Live betting is easily one of the most exhilarating experiences in the betting scene since the advent of the internet. Live betting has significantly changed the sports betting scene and bagging wins from the live bets has become increasingly common. Live betting in 2021 gives you the perfect combo of entertainment accompanied by money-minting opportunities and a high degree of betting flexibility.

Live gambling is, however, technical and you want to understand every bit of the process before you place your bet. Since you are looking for the simplest strategies for winning from betting, this article has all the details on live betting, as well as an outline of the winning strategies on live betting.

But first, what is live betting?

The basics of live betting

It is, as the name suggests a form of betting that takes place when a sporting event is on, rather than before, as it has been done for centuries. While the traditional way of betting works, bringing in a bit more action during the game, instead of crossing your fingers hoping that the team you bet on wins, seemed like an excellent idea to the sportsbooks, and they were right.

Live betting is simply a betting solution that lets the bettors wager on a sporting event after a game kicks off. The wager times are often between the game’s main periods like quarters. With this system, you can make several selections to bet on at different points during the game.

By catching the live action, you have a better chance of taking advantage of the chances that present themselves during the play.

With the level of excitement that’s associated with live bets, as well as the sportsbooks’ chances of increasing their revenue streams, the number of sports betting sites offering live betting as part of their services are on the rise.

How to Win an In-Play Bet

Betting is a game of chances and probabilities. It requires knowledge of the game, mathematical knowledge, and the right betting strategy.

The strategies you choose vary from bettors that address the conservative punters to the speculative and the risk-averse. Whichever strategy you choose, ensure that it’s the one that maximizes profits while minimizing the losses.

Types of Live Bets

Traditional Live Bets

In this form of betting, the bets available prior to kick off apply after kickoff. The only difference here is that the odds will be different in real time depicting the events of the game.  For instance, should you be betting on a football and the odds of winning the game are high at the start of the game, only for the main start to get hurt, you will have to change your wager to a reasonable one. This means that the odds could also change.


In an in-play wager, you could get the chance of changing your single bet into a parlay. What this means is that if you are betting on something happening progressively, and you believe that the progressive trend will not change, then you might get an opportunity to place an extra bet to the original bet once the game kicks off. Doing this means that you get to capitalize on what could be an accurate prediction. The best part about parlays is that the sportsbooks may allow you to make new parlays during the game.

Prop Bets

The prop bets you place will only be there for live betting, but only if your sportsbook has the right technology needed to keep the prop bets up to speed. These bets include the fun and skill-based prop bets such as the number of touchdowns expected or expected goals from a player. You can always change your bet depending on the player’s activity.

Live Betting Strategies

First, note that there is nothing like the perfect strategy for live betting. But, there are strategies you can employ to increase your winning chances. And, having a strategy is an effective way for you to protect your bankroll.

And, speaking of imperfect betting strategies – you should avoid the Martingale betting strategy in live betting. Doubling your bets after losing promises to cover your loss and an extra unit, but only if you win. The martingale system, is, therefore, the easiest way to lose. Often, the sportsbooks and bookmakers enforce limits for maximum betting, and you will hit the ceiling at a certain point, losing everything.

What are the alternative strategies?

  1. In-play betting strategies for the risk-averse players

You need to know that a punter’s biggest priority is to minimize losses, rather than maximize gains. Using this strategy, you could lower the risks associated. An example of this strategy is the use of a live-betting arbitrage to make betting a risk-free venture. For this, place your bet before kickoff and another bet after kickoff. Note that for you to win, you should have a favorable turn of events or high off odd margins. You will also need to understand crowd psychology experience to know the direction which the odds will shift to.

  1. Conservative betting strategy

Here, you bet on something you are almost 100 percent sure of, or things not affected by many factors. Instead of betting on the unpredictable, you bet on the profitable selections like yellow cars, corners and anything else in between. This betting strategy also involves betting on the total possible number of goals expected or on an outright winner.

  1. Speculative Betting Strategy

With this betting strategy, you bet on yellow cards or the number of corners. While the rules differ from the two strategies above, you can bet on red and yellow cards; then a wager is put on the combined number of points or amount.

Other In-Play Betting Tips

  • Understand your limits

You could get carried away easily. So, even when making multiple bets, keep track of the money you’ve put on the line.

  • Begin with a pre-game bet

A starting point ensures that you do your pre-game analysis and that you are in the right state of mind when placing that bet.

The benefits of Live Betting

  • The odds places by the bookmakers are often correct with sportsbooks spending a lot on the best professionals. The odds are calculated after a detailed consideration of the current scoreline, the pre-match probabilities and the time before the end of a match.
  • Influencing people is easy. Along with the accurate odds, the lines you get are often accurate when you watch the crowd
  • It’s entertaining

Final Thoughts

Remember that the best way for you to beat live betting lies in understanding how the live bet odds are calculated, as well as developing a live-betting strategy for determining your odds of winning or losing.

In 2021 there is hardly no more fun and exciting way to gamble online in the US!