Golden Colts Slot by Play’n Go

Are you feeling intrigued by the Wild West? Well, many people are. Truth be told, this is a bit overworked theme when it comes to online slots. However, you can still have fun with it. And the reason we say this is because of Golden Colts. This is a slot game made by Play’n Go. It’s based on the western theme. You can read more about it below.

The Wild Wild West

It’s a pretty badass game that we have here. The entire theme is well executed and you will feel like you’re with the gunslingers of the west. It’s dark outside. The weather’s bad – a storm is coming. The entire atmosphere is tense and gritty. It’s time to roll.

There are very cool symbols of Wild West gunmen – there’s even a poker player. All of them have their own unique animations. And they look pretty cool, too. The other symbols are the specials and the good old A-9s. And the music is distinctively dark – but in a Wild West way. There are the guitars and riffs that this music is known for.

Overall, we would say that you’ll like the theme of this game if you’re a fan of westerns. But we believe that you will also like it even if you’re not really a huge fan. It has just about enough style and charm to fascinate just about everyone.

The features of Golden Colts

Golden Colts does indeed have a bunch of interesting features. First of all, the reels are 5 in number and there are 3 rows. This is what’s known as the classic online slot setup. It’s to be found in most of the online slot games, so, it’s nothing new. There are forty pay lines in total – and this is somewhat of a deviation from the standard.

Now, the special features are the following. There is a wild symbol that takes the form of almost all the other symbols – except the scatter. And there is the scatter symbol. If you get three of them, then you will manage to trigger the bonus. And this is the game where you will get the chance to get one of many different bonuses. It could be additional wild cards, it could be bonus multipliers, or it could be coin wins. There are 7 special bonus features stemming from this bonus alone. The Most Wanted bonus, for example, will give you a bunch of most wanted posters on the screen. You can select one of them and see if you get a prize. The game ends when you pick a poster that will bring you back to the main game.

golden colts slot

In conclusion

So, Golden Colts is not one of the most inventive online slots. This goes both for the theme and for the actual gameplay. But the fans of the Wild West theme will love this game. It has style. You will feel like you’re a true gunslinger getting your money’s worth. Have fun with Golden Slots by Play’n Go!

Super Bowl 2020

Super Bowl 2020 – an odds guide

A question that is on many peoples lips at the moment is – who wins Super Bowl 2020? We are looking into the odds and see if we can find some edge in one of the most anticipated sports betting events of the whole year.

Super Bowl 2020 BettingEagle

Quick stats on Super Bowl LIV

🏈 Kick-off:Sunday 2 February 2020, 06.30 PM (local time)
🏟️ StadiumHard Rock Stadium, Miami, FL
🎤 National AnthemDemi Lovato
🎲 Coin tossTBA
🎭 Halftime actShakira and Jennifer Lopez
💸 TV Commercial5.6 million USD per 30 seconds

Super Bowl LIV – background

Last year in February did New England Patriots secure their 6th Super Bowl title with the 13-3 win over Los Angeles Rams. However, the Patriots were eliminated already in the first playoff game this year.

Instead, Kansas City Cheifs (AFC Champions) and San Fransisco 49ers (NFC Champions) will be battling out for the Super Bowl LIV on 2 February 2020 in Miami, Florida.

According to the bookmakers, the odds are slightly in favour of the Cheifs, but the odds are some of the closest we have seen for many years in Super Bowl. And not to forget, San Fransisco 40ers have earned 5 Super Bowl wins and have a history of big matches and winning. Even if it was a long time ago, they have a special aura in the club.

Why bet on San Fransico 49ers?

  • Head coach Kyle Shanahan’s defense line has really impressed this year.
  • Aside from a very good pass rush, the 49ers can rely on their star Cornerback Richard Sherman.
  • The offence is very strong and on a good day, anything could happen.
  • Lowest missed pass rate for Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in the whole league this season.

With a solid defense and a strong offence, San Fransisco 49ers are favoured by some odds, especially in some of the special odds offered. All in all, they might lack the super edge that the Chiefes can feature, but the 49ers are far from being outcounted.

Why bet on Kansas City Cheifs?

  • Patrick Mahomes. The young Quarterback star has had a stellar performance this season. Already last year he took the whole NFL with a storm, often using some unorthodox movements.
  • Along with Patrick Mahomes, you also have two of the leagues best Wide Receivers – Tyreek Hill and Sammy Watkins.
  • The defense from 2018 season, which at times were not performing at all, has been much better this season and are looking ready to secure a Super Bowl for the Cheifs.

The presence of star players and especially Mahomes is putting the Cheifs slightly in front of the 49ers when it comes to the odds.

Super Bowl MVP betting

Who will be voted MVP (most valuable player) in the Super Bowl LIV? Even if it is interesting to speculate who will become the MVP of the Super Bowl, this year is a bit different. Naturally, the Quarterbacks are favoured to win this title. After all, they play the most important role on the pitch.

In the last 10 Super Bowls, a Quarterback has won the MVP 7 times out of 10. And this year, with Patrick Mahomes on one side, this should be a fairly onesided event. If the Cheifs win, it would be very surprising if not Mahomes gets the award.

The only real challenge would be a win for the 49ers, or if one of the Chief’s Wide Receivers have a game of their life. There is a tradition of selecting the MVP from the winners and even if Mahomes has had a great season such a tradition is not easily changed even if one player has been outstanding.

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